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A Brief Introduction to PTC Websites

Although Paid To Click websites are not as popular as they once were, they are still around and people are still making money this way. Their simplicity is one of the reasons they were popular and is one of the reasons they are still around today. Another big advantage is that these programs are free to use and free to sign up for, because it is free and simple, this is one of the easiest ways to earn money while on the internet. When you make money this way you will not need your own website and you will not have to pay for any hosting services. We will take a look at how these PTC programs work and how it is possible to make money with them.

PTC websites and programs essentially pay you to look at websites. The amount a user will get paid differently depending on which service they decide to use, but for the most part a user will get paid between one and five cents for spending 30 seconds on a website. The setup is simple, but you might be thinking that one cent is not much money and it isn’t, but if you are able to do it long enough you will start making money in your spare time. There are ways however that you can make some more money with these websites.

What these PTC programs will do is offer incentives if you refer other people to their website and become users. When you recruit people to click on websites, you will end up making more money and so will they. Then if those recruits begin recruiting their own people you will make even more, most companies will pay a few levels of people. So the key is to recruit a lot of people and talk them into spending some time clicking on different websites.
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Some people do not have people they can recruit to start click, a good service for these people is to buy some referrals. This service will require you to pay up front, but you will be able to recover these costs as your referrals begin to click. Most of these services will have packages that you can purchase and will offer you anywhere from 15 to 500 referrals.
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PTC programs will usually pay their users through a third party banking site such as AlertPay or PayPal, in order to have access to your funds you will need to create an account. The PTC company will typically wait until you have a certain amount of money in your account before they transfer it to you. Once you have money in your online account you can transfer it to your normal bank account or if you prefer they can send you a check in the mail, this is all done at no charge to you.