People, especially men, have researched happiness factors of women since eternity. And truth be told, the researchers have not come to a standstill conclusion, what could really make women happy. Being a woman myself, I really cannot say for sure what makes me happy. For that matter, I do not know for sure if I can be happy forever and even if I want to be happy all the time. Having said that, I know a few tips that make me feel elated and raise my confidence levels. You may ask what and I would proudly answer Skirts. Yes, those frilly, comfort wear, the skirts are an indication of my happiest days. I wear long skirts online on days when I want to be more casual and unworried about a thing. There is another clothing women wear during their happier and sad days, they are the western dresses, not any dresses but sexy dresses. Dresses make women happy, confident and put her intelligent self forward. But, sexy dresses bring out the hidden red energy in her and let her be herself and not driven by cultural norms. She wears them in mostly bright and dark coloursand this transforms her energy levels and confidence immensely.

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Skirts come in many sizes and colours. Short skirts are my favourite, as they provide not only comfort to me in summers but also are a style statement. One can experiment a lot with skirtsand add frills here, ribbons there, belt in another one, and many more designs. Skirts designed with jeans are totally another story. Nowadays, you will see many skirts designed with linen and cotton, which are eco-friendly, good for your skin and body as a whole.


Bollywood has a favourite in women’s clothing and yes, they are none other than my favouriteskirts. Most Bollywood heroines have adornedskirts in many famous roles and they have done it so beautifully too.  Bollywood’s top actresses have chosen these sexy skirtsto get under the skin of the roles they are playing. For example, Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2 has looked one of her best in the sexy and sultry jeans short skirt.  This is no secret. Same was the case with Priyanka Chopra in Andaaz and Dostana. She is a sexy lady and she pouted elegance in skirtsof various sizes and styles.  Many other famous actresses have gone under this path and have successes under their belts engraved forever.


Women have taken inspiration from Bollywood beauties since eternity and have adorned some of the best long skirts onlineas an everyday clothing.  I have bought some of my long skirts online and have seen most of my colleagues, friends, and family buying long skirts online for various occasions.


Some of the best occasions to wear long skirts are Durga Puja or Dussehra as called in the South of India. Women are seen ethnic colorful long skirts online from sites and dance to the tunes of traditional folk music.


Some traditions should never go away as they build our culture and energy. Dancing for the destruction of evil and celebration of truth, strength, and positivity. Most importantly, celebrating womanhood. Durga Puja in Indian terms is the Women’s day!

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Speaking of energy, women should remember that they have the real Shakti in them, which means they have the power to achieve all they want to. We see women exhibiting their strong energy through their dressing sense too. Although, most times, we fail to notice. Women show this phase by wearing the sexy dresses that let themselves be themselves, and celebrate their existence.  Women are completeness and it is each day of our lives that we should remember this and value this notion!

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